BuildabilityArchitects Discussing Plan Together At Desk

Project Logic provide technical construction knowledge during the design phase from a builder’s perspective.  Advising you of viable construction methods, strategies, and design efficiencies to streamline the construction process, this service offers enhancements in cost and program efficiencies, moving you towards a more profitable and successful project completion.

The buildability process has traditionally been carried out by the builder once the contract is awarded to them, maximising their profits through design rationalisation. Project Logic offer this service, independently, to the greater benefit of the architect, developer and the project as a whole.


Provide first-hand construction knowledge and expertise in the early design phase to optimise design efficiencies before presentation to the client. Project Logic is committed to honouring the design, whilst ensuring expenditure minimisation.


Construction and design rationalisation prior to town planning application or construction tender process; this service can identify potentially over-designed and over-engineered elements to maximise cost efficiencies and profit margins.


At Project Logic, we speak your language. We assist our clients by talking through the tough, technical aspects of construction. We highlight the obstacles that you will no doubt encounter, long before they appear onsite.