Pre-settlement inspectionsInterior framing of a new house under construction

A pre-settlement inspection is what you will be required to undertake if you have purchased an off-the-plan property. This involves identifying any defects present, in accordance with Australian Standards.

At Project Logic, we are adept at locating the areas builders often neglect or defects they try to mask at the final stages of construction. This could be as simple as an insufficient amount of paint used on a wall or as complex as defective timber flooring throughout the property.

A pre-settlement inspection is as important as choosing the property when you first purchase. After all, if you were buying a car, you would always get a mechanic to inspect it for you first!

Stage inspections

You are about to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars building your dream home. Before handing over large sums of money during the building process it is essential that you know the work is complete, in its entirety.

There are 5 major stages of a Domestic Building Contract. Each of these stages represents a payment that is due to be made by you, to your builder.


How do you know if the builder has done everything required of them in that stage? Is it to the level of quality you expect?

Project Logic have a detailed understanding of every stage of your contract and we know the areas often missed by the builder in the rush to get their claim approved. We offer a detailed report that gives you peace of mind in knowing if the claim is legitimate or not.

Remember, as a completely independent service, Project Logic work with you, and for you, in every stage of the project!